Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

North Korea: UN General Assembly Vote On New North Korean Sanctions

The United Nation Security Council has a meeting on Friday to decide about the new sanctions that will be imposed on North Korea to cut down their imports especially refined oil and this is after the latest intercontinental ballistic missile test.


Over the latest ICBM missile test, UN conference will vote against the Pyongyang to impose new sanctions over them as to limitize the oil refined imports.

Crack the Korea shipping and North Korean workers in overseas will be returned to home within 12 months while these are will decide on Friday which is based on voters at security council.

The war threats are increasing in the world because of two powerful countries, North Korea and United States have many clashes with each other.

Many of times Pyongyang have given the warnings for the nuclear war to America and this is the reason that the world is under the threat which has increased the tensions in the region.

The new sanctions are going to impose on North Korea because in recent days Pyongyang has made a successful launch of intercontinental ballistic missile which can hit the whole US mainland as experts say.

While the new advanced nuclear missile has threatened to whole world and this is the reason the UN assembly is going to impose new sanctions on them.

New sanctions that will be imposed on North Korea are depend on the UN Security Council member’s votes on Friday; while votes go against Pyongyang then limitation on oil refined imports will be there as others like shipping crack and others.

All Kim Jong UN’s government assets will be freezed after the imposition of new sanctions that are proposed by Donald Trump administration and this will pressurize the Korean nuclear development and programs.

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