Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

North Korea’s Kim On First Foreign Trip, Meets China’s Xi Jinping

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un landed at China, President of the nation welcomed him warmly, while his a secretive trip to Beijing aims to mend ragged relationships between both nations ahead of landmark summits with Washington and Seoul.


Kim Jong has flown first time abroad as of taking power, although he met with honor guards along with his wife and a banquet hosted by Chinese president. It is said to be in reports that Kim will be moving back homeland after the visit on Wednesday.

Both senior leaders joined a talk table at the imposing Great Hall of the People in which Kim and Jinping appreciated historic relations between both countries.

However, during the discussions North Korean leader also explained. has vowed to commit to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

In addressing to senior leaders’ conference, Kim said that no question that my first overseas trip would be to the Chinese capital, also added saying, considers it serious task as someone who should worth and go on with the DPRK-PRC ties through generations.

It is mentioned in reports that the Chinese president has accepted an invitation to land Pyongyang, while it also would the first move for Xi to the North Korean capital since he took charge of his office in 2012.

On other side, these two senior celebrities had not shook hands each other took hold the nation after his father, Kim Jong Il’s death in 2011, but Xi emphasized the importance of these both countries calling it was a strategic option and the only right option.

These both senior figures highlighted by officials, be seated across from each other at a long meeting table held at the Great Hall of the People, that what showed in pictures were uploaded on internet and on television demonstrating the North Korean leader taking detailed notes.

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