Published On: Thu, Mar 22nd, 2018

Northeastern Thailand Bus Crash Left 17 Dead, Dozens Of Wounded

A bus was travelling in northeastern Thailand, suddenly lost control and smashed into a tree on 21 March, left about 17 people dead, dozens of others injured, local authorities told media.


The unexpected incident took place at evening of previous day in Nakhon Ratchasima province of a Southeast Asian country, with the double decker bus carrying about 50 people were on way to their residences from a holiday.

It is not first one, because of bad road system is only cause behind the dozens of accidents, while about 24,000 people are killed every year in like these accidents in the nation, the World Health Organization reported media.

So many tourists and migrant workers have also lost their lives in bus crashes, while more than half number of the crashes is reported to be caused by motorcycles, pedestrians and bicycles.

One of the workers from the Nakhon Ratchasima provincial emergency medical service told media at condition to keep his name hidden, the current killings’ number is 17 and 33 were injured in this unexpected bus accident taking people towards their homes.

After watching the pictures are provided by the local media, learnt that after the crash the bus lying on its side and officials were on beside a row of body bags. However.

We also have learnt from latest updates that 10 of the wounded are in critical condition, although medical officials are trying to keep secure their lives.

The bus driver has lost its control completely when the vehicle has changed its direction suddenly by moving toward the bottom of a slope, and badly smashed into a large tree, told Nakhon Ratchasima, the head of the disaster prevention and mitigation department.

Nevertheless, 13 Myanmar nationals have also killed in November when a van crashed with a automobile in central Thailand and burst into fires.

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