Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Pacific Military Exercise: South Korea Joins The US Navy In Aircraft Carrier Exercise

Tensions are going to increase in the region as US navy has announced to run a military exercise near the North Korean peninsula in Western Pacific and now it is confirmed that South Korean naval vessels will take part in the aircraft carrier exercise.


During the visit of American President Donald Trump in Asia, it is announced by the United States Navy that they will conduct a military exercise with the three aircraft carrier in the Pacific Western side.

which has increased the Pyongyang’s tension as the situation is going to more worse and South will join the hands with Navy military for the exercise that will start from Saturday.

Donald Trump is on the visit of Asia, he met with Chinese president while according official news that the presidents of both countries will sign a contract.

Through which more sanctions over North Korea will be imposed and international limitations on Pyongyang will make them more economically weak.

According to US president that North Korean Nuclear missile program is increasing in speedy way which is very dangerous for the peace of world.

The US secretary of State said earlier this week that Pyongyang should not underestimate the power of United States as they know how to defend their people and as well as their allies.

America is trying completely to make the Pyongyang economically weak as now United States president Trump visited the China to make a agreement against the North Korea in order to hurt them economically and it will very harmful for them.

Now US navy announced that they will conduct a military exercise in Western Pacific with three aircraft carriers while South Korean Naval Vessel will also join the American military exercises near the North Korean Peninsula.

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