Published On: Sat, Jun 23rd, 2018

Pakistani Teen Ahmed Raza Conducts Toss Coins at FIFA World Cup 2018

A teenager Ahmed Raza made history today by becoming the first ever Pakistani to not only be present on the FIFA Pitchin an official match but also conducting toss coin at the Brazil-Costa Rica match in FIFA World Cup 2018.


The miracle happened at about 4:50 pm [PST] as the showdown between Brazil and Costa Rica begin.

It was probably the only opportunity a Pakistani could get to be present on the FIFA World Cup pitch, unless the Pakistani Football team shows some guts.

The 15 year old teen comes from a family of football makers in Sialkot who have been making hand-stitched footballs for the FIFA World Cup for the past three generations [phew~ talk about legacy].

Raza Ahmed and his father Shabbir Ahmed is both football enthusiasts and described their experience as a dream come true. Raza, especially looked forward to meeting his ultimate hero, the Brazilian footballer, Neymar Jr.

Both the father and son have been in Russia for this occasion for the past few days, their journey is being documented by film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the two time winner of Academy Awards and is sponsored by Coca Cola, which is also responsible for bringing them to Moscow.

Coca Cola also took the initiative to bring Kaleemullah, the captain of Pakistan’s National football team to Moscow as well.

The documentary will show the complete journey of Raza Ahmed as he landed on the Russian soil, to his giddy excitement of meeting his favorite footballer as well as the history making moment when a Pakistani teen tossed the coin at FIFA World Cup.

The father son duo will shortly be returning to Pakistan as theirjourney completes and bring the excitement to an end but not before they collect a thousand memories of a once in a lifetime event.

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