Published On: Fri, Apr 6th, 2018

Philippines Plans To Close Boracay Island To Tourists For Six Months

On Thursday, the Philippines is famous for its beautiful holiday island Boracay among tourists from all corner of the world, has been decided to close the location for six months because dirt spoiled cesspool, local authorities told media.  


Filipino authorities took the verdict by considering fears that the once idyllic white-sand resort has turned out to be contaminated reason why it should be dirt free to provide pleasant atmosphere to tourists all around the world.

Harry Roque, spokesperson for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, told media that it has been ordered to work on 26 April, while it would be for about six months.

He also added that the island Boracay remains top attraction for the visitors even it considers as paradise in their country.

While concerns that our next generation may have faced bad experience of like this, hence temporary closure is announced to make the place again like dreamy land.

On the other hand, experts have declared the Filipino government’s decision oppose administration’s own pro-development strategy for the place that considers like paradise, while it is also said the approval of a planned $500-million casino and resort on Boracay in recent days also something bizarre.

President Rodrigo Duterte took to impose closure first in February after discovering the tiny island’s hundreds of tourism-related hotels, restaurants and other businesses have been experiencing sewage which was throwing at the location and turning it into a “cesspool”.

On 5 April, the Philippines authorities have declared a number of trades were making use drainage system to deliver sewage that appears to be clearly spoiling turquoise waters.

About 195 businesses, together with over 4,000 housing clients are associated to drain lines, said the environment ministry in statement, hence it is time to take positive actions to safe beauty of the island Boracay.

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