Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

Recent Leak ‘Accidentally’ Unveils Galaxy Note 9 Cost

The latest sneak peek in the most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 9 shows that the price of the handset might have been revealed.


Recently Samsung confirmed that Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed with all its glory in just two months’ time, as the launching event will take place on August 9.

Earlier this week, news came that the handset will be hitting stores in Korea by August 24. But surprisingly, another report from Poland might have revealed the price of the upcoming handset in the country. With that we can expect its price in other markets as well.

The phone is said to be less costly than Note 8, which was worth 950 dollars in America at the time of release last year.

A blogster from Russia, who often gets hold of unrevealed Samsung hardware, recently reported that Note 9 will cost the same as Note 8 in the area.

Recently, a blogger uncovered Note 9 price by saying that it will be worth 499 PLN when it launches in the next month.

Two different informants, who claim to know Samsung plans, have seemingly confirmed the price.
Preparations for launching the handset have been made by a local Samsung branch in the area.

The expected price is almost $1159, but this isn’t the final cost. A phone price also includes VAT in Europe

Another leak shows that Note 9 will be having a horizontal alignment just like Galaxy Note 8. Some reports say that Note 9 is also expected to have an inner-screen fingerprint scanner.

While some say that the new technology will not be ready till the handset’s launching. Leaks have also revealed the first look of Note 9 which shows that the new handset is equipped with a Bluetooth S-pen.

The phone will be available in different colors including blue, purple and black.

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