Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Republican Colleagues Of Flake Tired Of Senators Takedown Of President Donald Trump

Republican Jeff Flake lectured the President Donald Trump on his presidency with heavy criticism on Wednesday; along with other republicans he has the plan to step-down because of great disturbance due to Trumps’ presidency.


According to the Sen. Jeff Flake that President Donald Trump harshly criticized him during his first year of office that were dangerous implied in worldwide, he spoke about the wrong statements that were made against him on media and he is going to be step down with other senators because of great disturbance in the presidency.

Jeff Flake is an American politician who is serving as the junior United States Senator from Arizona since 2013, he made statements on Wednesday during his harsh speech which was lectured on the presidency of President Donald Trump and he said that all wrong statements were made about him on media in his first year of office.

Due to the presidency disturbances in the rule of law by the Donald Trump, along with other high profile Republicans like Bob Corker, Jeff Flake opted to retire from the post, he made the attack on Trump during his speech and announced about his retirement from Senate which has wondered the whole Republic party.

He announced that he will be retired in the end of 2018 from Senate because there is no place for him in the party in the presence of such presidency which is creating great disturbances and he further said that the other Republicans have decided or deciding to give up their posts because of this irresponsible behavior of president in state laws.

Flake said in his speech on Wednesday that time has come to give up their senate posts on the base of their principles and for the unacceptable, the time of their accommodation has come.

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