Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Robert Mugabe Is Removed From Power In Zimbabwe As Now He In Custody And Seized The State TV

The long rule of the ex president Robert Mugabe has came to end on Wednesday as the Zimbabwe army has taken the control, the army tanks are on the streets in capital, the state TV has been seized by military and the Mugabe is confined at home.


It has been announced that the oldest head of State Robert Mugabe has been taken into the custody after the army take the control of the capital Harare on Wednesday.

He was confined at home after return to home, while according to media reports tanks are moving on the streets of capital and the family of the ex president is safe and sound as announced by the military officials.

The situation is going to more worse as the army is taking the power by the removal of the president Robert, the whole world is in hope for the best but the tanks are on the roads in the capital Harare.

which is a alarming situation and the country’s economy is going down while on Wednesday the president properties have been freezed by the military of Zimbabwe.

According to US Embassy officials in Capital Harare that doors will be closed for some days for the public as the situation in the city is not good.

They issued a statement for people that keep at home and do not try to come out because army is moving on the roads while according to media reports in some areas, sound of gunfire has been heard.

Military has seized the state television while they said that army is targeting the criminals, the president is confined at home while the first lady Grace is out of the country and Zimbabwe army has taken the control of Harare.

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