Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2018

Russia Rejects UN Resolution Associating Iran With Terror Acts In Yemen

Russian authorities have refused a United Nations draft resolution on Monday that belongs to Iran with the Iranian-made arms shifting to Houthi militias in Yemen. On the other side, United Kingdom has offered a plan which is being forcefully supported by American authorities as well its allies, though Russia prevented in spite being backed by 11 of the 15 members of the Security Council.


However, China and Kazakhstan have withdrawn from voting, but Bolivia also casted its vote against the UK draft, although Britain.

United States, China, France and Russia, these five are permanent council members who continues veto power without any confusion.

Although, the draft breakdown was followed by the common acceptance of a Russian-drafted measure that make larger an arms restriction against Yemen, while no specific reference to Iran came out on white curtain.

The United States authorities has tagged current situation in Yemen as worst man-made humanitarian disaster in the world. The sectarian violence and civil war since about three years had totally destroyed Yemen’s economy as well wealth and peace.

Since these conflicts started, incredible number of deaths has come out on surface, even millions had been facing tough time in terms of severe shortage of food and medical facilities is too the biggest issue there.

On other side, Saudi-led military along with its coalition has been launching more offensive as well as air-raids against the Houthi-controlled regions for over two years.

Hover, one of the worst decisions was taken by the coalition to forcefully stop the shipments of medicines and food via ports of the Yemen.

The fight in Yemen is actually considered as proxy war between local powers Saudi Arabia Iran, while Iran has been reportedly supporting the Houthi rebels by supplying them weapons as well as some other required supports.

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