Published On: Sat, Mar 24th, 2018

Russia Supports,Supplies Arms To Afghan Taliban Us General

Russia is supplying arms to the Afghan Taliban, even supports them by providing all possible help, told the head of United State forces in Afghanistan, by addressing the media in an interview with the BBC, General John Nicholson added saying he had seen the Russians’ destabilizing activity.


The Russians are behind the smuggling of heavy weapons across the Tajik border to the Afghan Taliban, mentioned the top US general in latest interview with BBC, but couldn’t reveal the quantity of artillery.

However, it is not the first time, Russians were also accused by the United States who also presented some strong evidences but The Moscow refused all.

Nevertheless, Gen. John Nicholson claim appears to be comes at not good time as Russia has built strong relationships with Nato powers. The top US general also explained in an interview that he also watches a narrative.

Is being used that disgustingly overstates the number of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s militants here, while this plot then is utilized as a justification for the Moscow’s to allow the actions of Taliban and present a number of degree of backing to the Taliban.

US has had sagas those have written by the Taliban those have been unveiled in the new channels regarding financial backing is given by the opponent.

Nevertheless, Afghan leaders had reporters to US army in Afghanistan that the Russians are providing them the weapons, those they brought to American headquarters, said the US Top General.

The head of US forces in Afghanistan has claimed that Moscow is behind some bad plots against the United States.

Nicholson has been leading operations against the militants in Afghanistan for years, considers Russians’ involvement with Taliban is appears to be new act.  He also stated Moscow has launched a series of exercises on the Afghan boundary with Tajikistan.

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