Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2018

Salman Khan looks displeased on Priyanka abruptly leaving film Bharat

Salman Khan has ultimately broken silence on Priyanka Chopra’s abrupt departure from his film Bharat and seems a little put out over the matter.

Salman Khan looks displeased on Priyanka abruptly leaving film Bharat

The noted bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is now made a mark in the Hollywood world, had already gotten the project when the rumours about her alleged engagement with American pop star Nick Jonas surfaced all over the media.

The gossips were then ignited when she left the film Bharat all of a sudden, only ten days before the start of the shooting.

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The film’s producer was much offended as he stated that the actress departed in the ‘Nick of time’ to arrange for her wedding with the US singer. The Bharat star Salman Khan remained silent on the topic for long but at last he opened up about the subject.

Salman Khan was present at the occasion of Loveratri’s trailer launch n Monday. The trailer was unveiled in both major cities, Mumbai and Delhi of India. And at both spots, superstar Salman Khan was queried about Priyanka’s sudden departure from his film Bharat.

Even though he did not say in a straight line but those who could detect hidden meanings knew after his reply that he was not glad with Priyanka’s decision.

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The video featuring the launch event was published by Pinkvilla. Salman Khan commented on the occasion that he is happy for Priyanka and if they had been aware of the fact earlier that she had joined a big Hollywood project, they would not have prevented her from exiting from the film.

Further he added that they we were made known with her decision at the very last moment, just 10 days before the start of her shooting. Whatsoever made her change her mind, Hollywood film or the fact that she does not wish to act alongside me, it is her reason. Adding to this, he said that even if she’s working in Hollywood, she’s making us proud.

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