Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Samsung Announces The Release Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In August

For all the tech savvy people out there, this summer is blessed because a number of brands are releasing their latest devices.


Earlier this week, Samsung also surprised users with an unexpected announcement of the release of Galaxy Note 9 on August, 9th, which is rumored to be an even better version of its predecessor.

The announcement caught many by surprise when Samsung sent invitations for the launch event, while a few others were expecting it.

The new Galaxy Note 9 is reported to focus on improving the features of Galaxy Note 8, rather than provide an entirely different OS and design.

Speaking of design, chrome and Matte black are the standard colors but a variety of bright colors can also be expected from it.

The hardware of Galaxy Note 9 will be nearly identical to Note 8, with a few necessary fixes and upgrades. The internal memory ranges from 128 GB to 256 GBs, while an 8 GB RAM supports the system.

All versions of the Samsung Note 9 can support two micro SD cards for additional memory storage. The battery life is also expected to undergo an upgrade with the latest device from Samsung and it is rumored to increase by two days without recharge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feature a Super AMOLED display with excellent quality Gorilla Glass screen to protect it from external weather elements like dirt, dust, water as well as scratches.

However, the Camera stays its best feature without any comparison, offering improved pictures in low lighting, better face recognition and timing, plus panoramic view support.

You will hopefully also see an upgraded collection of camera filters and emoji but may have to wait till the launch to know if the Memoji feature is included in Galaxy Note 9 or not.

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