Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

Sikh Leaders furious over Sunny Leone’s real name

Sikh Leaders in India have threatened to protest angst the autobiographic web series about the life of Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone. According to them they will protest because the series has used the name “Kaur” for Sunny Leone.

Sikh Leaders furious over Sunny Leone's real name

The autobiographic web series about the life of Sunny Leone has released its first official trailer under the name “Karenjit Kaur; The Untold Story of Sunny Leone”. Kaur is the part of Sunny Leone’s original name and the Sikh community women use it with their names.

The web series has used this name “Kaur” for their series official title. Many of the Sikh leaders are furious over this use because according to them it has disgraced the holiness of the name.

They are claiming it to be a publicity stunt as well.

The name “Kaur” was given by the 10th Guru of the Sikh community Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 to erase the difference of caste. It was given for providing equality to all Sikh women.

In this series, Sunny’s birth name has been used which is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. However she is mostly famous by her porn star name.

Sikh Leaders furious over Sunny Leone's real name

The series is going to launch on Z5 on 16 July 2018 which focuses the life of Sunny Leone.

Chairman of the ESL Group, Subhash Chandra which owns the Z5 has received a letter from an Indian politician named Manjinder Singh Sirsa. The letter states that either the web series be permanently canalled or at least remove the name Kaur from the series.

Sirsa is the member of the Shiromani Akali Dal polticla party as well as the management secretary of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara .

However Chandra has only replied by saying that they will not change the name. Many other Sikh Gurdwars have also threatened to protest outside the office of Network if their demands are not met.

The director of web series defended the actress by saying that she has the right to use her original name.

Sunny Leone was born in a Canadian based Sikh Punjabi family. She became a porn star in the early 2000’s and after that she came to Indian where she became a successful Bollywood actress. She started her career successfully by acting in the 2012 movie, “Jism 2”.

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