Published On: Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

South Korea Hospital Fire: At Least 39 Dead, More Than 100 Injured

Deadliest fire in South Korean hospital spread the flames and smoke, at least 39 people dead due to suffocation and inhaling of smoke on Friday, more than 100 people are injured and it is deadliest blazes in country which killed many people.


Three hospital staffs are included in the dead people in an intensive-care unit for respiratory illnesses along many other deaths.

The rescue teams are trying to save the people as much as they can while it is still unknown, what are the reasons of this deadliest blames due to which about hundred people are injured on Friday.

On Friday, the blazes of fire firstly occupied the first floor of Sejong Hospital’s emergency room while according to a fire official of Miryang city that the rescue teams passed through the windows to approach in second floor to save the people and before their arrival the first floor was in the hands of high blazes of fire.

Rescue teams have taken the control over fires before its spread as it could go to the third floor but now it stands on second.

According to the officials that all the operations in hospital has cancelled due to fire and the reasons of this high blazes are still unknown while all the people who are dead belong to hospital’s general ward.

About 94 people are carried safely from the nursing ward while according to local medical official Cheon Jae-kyung that ten of the injured people are in serious condition.

As numbers can increased and on other hand the fire fighters claimed that 131 people are injured from which 18 are in critical situation.

The officials reported that most of the dead people were hospitalized for respiratory diseases on second floor and injured people are getting treatment in other hospitals now.

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