Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2018

Taliban Declare Spring Offensive, Dismisses Peace Advances

The Taliban have declared commence of its annual spring offensive on Wednesday, refusing an suggestion for peace talks was made by President Ashraf Ghani, saying they will targeting United States military in Afghanistan.


However, the proclamation from the Al Khandaq campaign that called following the alleged Battle of the Trench, quarreled by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to secure the city of Medina in the early days of Islam, marks the figurative initiate of the hostility season.

Although the heavy battling have been happening in various regions of Afghanistan that has left so many people dead and injured too, in series of intense assaults in Kabul as of the start of the year.

Even though Ghani has offered them peace talks with preconditions. On Wednesday, statement came from one of the most dangerous militant organizations in the world, refused the peace overtures calling it a plot.

Taliban said in their statement, that President Ashraf Ghani is violating its citizen’s opinion from the unlawful foreign occupation of the nation, while the United States has no serious or genuine intentions to bringing the years’ longer clash to an end.

The Taliban announcement shows responsibility for the insecurity in homeland by the militants that have made hell lives of thousands of Afghans every year, Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan quoted in his statement.

John Sullivan added that it is not necessary to launch a new ‘fighting season’, appears ridiculous as Taliban declared one more campaign of senseless violence to target internationally recognized and democratically selected Afghan regime and those who are followers of the government.

Islamist militants carry an image restore strict Islamic law version in their homeland, while they have set intense offensive to tackle with US military strategy formed previous year that was designed to bring Taliban on talks table.

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