Published On: Wed, Jul 4th, 2018

Tesla Hits The 5,000 Model 3 Sedans Per Week Markas Doug Field Leaves The Company

Doug Field, one of the top Vehicle Engineer at Tesla officially left the company as it managed to somehow meet the 5,000 Model 3 Sedans per week mark, set by Elon Musk at the end of final week of the 2nd financial quarter.


The company has long struggled to stabilise its product online but it was met with no results previously. Now, after half a year of hard work and effort, Tesla fulfilled its long standing goal proposed by top engineer executive Elon Musk.

The demand for Tesla Model 3 Sedans far exceeds its production but if the company keeps up the current pace, it would be a breeze to meet the demand.

On the other hand, the joy and satisfaction of barely making it past the finish line is marred by the departure of its top vehicle engineer, Doug Field.

He was said to be on leave of absence after he failed to meet the above mentioned goal in the first financial quarter.

He requested the vacation to empty his mind and renew his spirit by spending quality time with friends and family. The leave was supposed to last for six weeks only but after that, he left the company.

The real reason for his departure is still vague but the company and it’s employees accepted it and thanked him for all the work he had done up to that point.

Tesla also showed its gratification towards Doug Field by describing what a hard and excellent worker he was.

Field was scouted by Tesla when he was serving at Apple as the vice president of Mac Hardware Engineering.

Keep in mind that many engineers and top executives have left Tesla in the past few months and the company is likely to encounter troubles in the future if the trend continues.

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