Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2018

The incredible story of Steve Buscemi and the 9/11 incident

Steve Buscemi is certainly the greatest actor that world has ever seen in the character acting. This Hollywood stalwart was once described by The Guardian as a “Strangely attractive shoelace” who has managed himself a great career by playing on the back of roles of weirdoes, oddballs, eccentrics and even gangsters. This only suggests that she is no stranger to any kind of role.

Did You Know This Incredible Story About Steve Buscemi And 9/11?

Steve Buscemi also has another fascinating side to him and that is being a Firefighter from year 1980 to 1984.

To make matter more interesting about this oddball of an actor; he actually turned up to work on the day when twin towers were hit. He turned up to his old stationed wearing his old work clothes and started helping his former colleagues in executing the duties like finding the missing bodies. When people asked him for photos or interviews, he outright effused them.

Buscemi worked with the Engine 55 in the New York City Fire Department station located in Little Italy. Even after becoming the Hollywood super star he still stayed in touch with his former colleagues. He was aware at the time of 9/11 attacks as to how many people and fire fighters were missing and just wanted to help out the community.

After some time of his heroic appearance he told media, “It was a privilege to be able to do it once more. It was a great experience to have worked with the fire house and some of my old colleagues like the old days. And while doing all the work I did not think as much as much as I felt it. It was not until I had stopped working that I became aware s to what the impact of his doing had. It would have been hard on my conscience I had not gone through all this and done it.”

Ever since that incident he has also made a documentary on HBO in attempts to encourage many people to join the FDNY. The name of the documentary is Good Job which also send message to current firefighters to not be afraid to ask for help after any trauma they suffer on job.

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