Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Tiger Shroff Gears Up His Game For Baaghi 3 By Training In Syrian Military Camp

After the smashing success of Baaghi 2,leading actor Tiger Shroff is ready to up his game by training in a Syrian military camp before shooting begins. He will receive martial arts and artillery experience during his training in the camp.


The announcement was made a few days back which left a number of people shocked, from fans to film critics. Syria is country of war and turmoil, not many directors will send a young and budding actor to such a dangerous place.

however, Ahmed Khan, the director of Baaghi franchise is ready to take his chance. Following the release of the news.

The internet went frantic with comments and tweets about the decision but on a positive note, Syria has a number of excellent military boot camps which will provide high-quality training to the actor.

Tiger Shroff is speculated to receive artillery training in addition to martial arts. While Baaghi 2 featured cool martial arts move and hand-to-hand combat, Baaghi 3 will be more focused on the use of guns.

The actor would learn how to fire weapons like AT4 and M16. In addition to firearms, Shroff is expected to learn how to maneuver rocket launchers as well.

Despite of the turmoil and bad reputation of the country, Ahmed Khan seems determined to shoot majority of the film in Syria and neighbour Middle Eastern countries.

According to the latest reports released on the matter. The director is currently busy writing the script for the upcoming movie while the actor is getting ready to depart for Syria.

Dangerous or not, one thing is for sure that Baaghi 3 will be a smashing hit on box office, with both fans as well as critics and we all should look forward to it.

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