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Top 10 Most Corrupt Families In The World 2018

Politics can changed the man either he can be honest or be a corrupt because it is such thing which have no sense of good or right as experts say about politics. corruption is a thing through which in short time period a large amount of money can be collected,it refers to all things that a man use on a specific position for his own means while he does not fulfill his duties.

Fate can be changed and corruption can change the fate of economy either by stopping or by growth of its rate while many people who are involved with politics in world, use the powers for their own means or for their family members.

Corruption destroys the country internally, there are many politicians or leaders who stole the money or misuse the powers to give the rights of their family members that they can play with the law and through this corrupt families are collecting a the amount and there are many families in world who have built their own empires on the basis of corruption.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Corrupt families In The World 2018

10. Mohammed Suharto Family

In the list of top ten most corrupt families in the world, Mohamed Suharto and his family is considered as one of the most corrupt families who have collected a huge amount by doing corruption, Suharto was the Indonesian President while he charged the office for 31 years from 1967 to 1998 when he resigned, in the 1970s the oil prices have gone at peak level due to high corruption in country, at his government end the total net worth of his family was calculated as 35 billion US dollar and the family is highly corrupt as reported.


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9. Mobutu Sese Seko family

Mobutu Sese Seko and his family is considered as one of the most corrupt family as they did a huge corruption, the family has built the empire by stealing the money of public, the most assets were developed during the era of his government as from 1965 to 1997 Mobutu was military dictator as well as the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and he was the Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity, in his whole era he managed to collect billion dollars with the help of corruption with his family.


8. Ferdinand Marcos family

Ferdinand Marcos was the President from 1965 to 1986 of the Philippines while he and his family collected a huge amount with the help of corruption and built their own empire; he raised his power as a dictator from which he helped his family to built their own businesses while the family members in this era got the many opportunities to become billionaire with illegal ways, the hell of corruption was done by him and now they are considered as one of the most corrupt leaders in world.


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7. Alberto Fujimori family

Alberto  is known as the former Japanese-Peruvian politician who was the 62nd President of Peru from 28 July 1990 to 22 November 2000, during his era he worked mostly for his own family, he did a lot corruption during his government time, his family built the empire by using the high powers of country because due to presence of the Alberto as the president, in the history of Peru the family considered as most corrupt families in the world which is a very shameful and the past of the family is very dark.


6. Trump Family

Donald Trump has became the president of the United States after winning the election in 2016, it is reported by many experts that Trump and his family will now use the government resources to build their own empire, before entering in politics the whole family was known as one of the biggest businessmen in America, Ivanka Trump and the son Jared are now dealing with all the business that was under control of Trump before be a president and the family is using the powers for their own mean or for their own interest to strengthen their businesses.


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5. Clinton Family

In the history of United States, the Clinton family has very vital role in the politics of the country as well as in the field of business, it is said that during their politics career the family used the resources to built their own businesses while the Clinton family that is considered as one of the largest foundations have received million of dollar foundations from all over the world, through their foundation the family used the funds for their own interests, they have built billions of dollars wealth till now and now considered as one of the most corrupt politicians in the world.


4. Sharad Pawar family

Sharad is an Indian politician, who is considered as one of the most corrupt families in world as he did huge corruption, after separating the ways with Indian National Congress he served as the president of the Nationalist Congress Party while he founded the party in 1999, he got many chances to serve the country but every time he worked for only his own means, he was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra as well as the Minister of Defence and Minister of Agriculture in India, during his ministry he gave the powers to his family members to earn the opportunities for the business development and now the whole family is considered as one of the most corrupt families of India.


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3. Kim Jong-Un family

Kim Jing-Un is the current supreme leader of North Korea since 2011, he is considered as one of the most powerful leaders in the world, he is also known as Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, according to reports he built his most of his wealth from corruption as from the name of nuclear programs he collected a huge amount because the development programs are under his eyes, he took the charge from his late father while Kim considered as youngest leader of North Korea and in his government his family’s assets have reached at peak level as compared to before his rule.


2. Narendra Modi family

Narendra Modi is the Indian Politician who is the 14th as well as the current prime minister of India, Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 he also served as Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, while he is also the Member of Parliament for Varanasi, he took the office in 2014 from that time his family business is going to rise in speedy way, it is said that he is using the government powers to boost up his family business, he is also the member of Bharatiya Janata Party and he along with his family is considered as one of the most corrupt families in world.


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1. Nawaz Sharif Family

The Sharif family has a very vital role in the politics of Pakistan, which is based in the province Punjab, from a long time, Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shehbaz Sharif are the part of the Pakistan governments, Nawaz Sharif is the three time prime minister of country and recent he is disqualified from Supreme Court for life because of his corruption cases, in recent months there are many corruption cases have been found of this family, Sharif family has built a empire of businesses in many countries from the money of public and now they are considered as most corrupt family in the world.



Top 10 Most Corrupt Families In The World 2018
No Family Name
1 Nawaz Sharif Family
2 Narendra Modi family
3 Kim Jong-Un family
4 Sharad Pawar family
5 Clinton Family
6 Trump Family
7 Alberto Fujimori family
8 Ferdinand Marcos family
9 Mobutu Sese Seko family
10 Mohammed Suharto Family

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