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Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands In The World 2018

Everyone want smells good, to go for a outing or on a party every body needs a good perfume to satisfy his wants in order to attract the people around himself. There are many perfumes available in the market which has good smell but some are more costly than other because of their high production cost.

Perfumes can be used as to cover your body from some specific bad smell and it enhances your confidence in gathering of people. Some people are very conscious about their body and this is the reason that perfumes have become the part of important things of life.

People pick up the perfumes on the base of its smell while which have good then that becomes the preference of them and cost of perfumes depend upon the fragrance. There are variance brands of perfumes in world which are very costly but some are most expensive because they are prepared with the help of precious materials and top 10 list of most expensive perfumes in 2018 is here.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands In The World 2018

10.Hermes Brand ($1500)

Hermes Brand is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer which was established in 1837 and among its different products its perfumery industry is well known in the world because of its good smell. The name of this brand was kept after the name of founder Hermes in 1837 and this perfume is a great creation of the brand which shows their manufacturing ability in order to make good products that enhance their profits. This perfume is made under a great care as its fragrance can be smelled from a long distance and Hermes Brand perfume is so costly.


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9.Joy ($1600)

Joy has a good name worldwide because of its good fragrance while it is manufactured in 1929 for Parisian couturier Jean Patou by perfumer Henri Alméras. This perfume is considered as one of the greatest perfumes ever made in history because it has captured the worldwide recognition.  The modern women of high class attract towards it because of its stylish and unique design, since it launch it is still dominant on many perfume brands in different regions and known as one of the most popular fragrance perfume in world. The perfume with sweet smell comes in various odors without any side effects.


8.Chanel ($1700)

Chanel is French, privately held company which is owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer and it is specialize in fashion accessories including various products. Chanel is a worldwide famous brand which provides the highly costly perfumes but that products are unique in their fragrance. According to an estimate that this high valued company has manufacture more than 67 quality perfumes of different scents which are available in different designs. All people are not able to get this costly perfume, the celebrities are fan of this brand which enhances their attractiveness in the field and they make purchase with comfort.


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7.Ralph Lauren Perfumes ($3500)

Ralph Lauren is known as one of the most famous American fashion designer who created this worldwide popular US brand and it has earned the name as most expensive brand in 2018. The fashion designer created different perfumes which come with different scents and that attract the people especially the western women because of its good smell. This brand has introduced more than 60 fragrances and most famous are Albert Morillas, Olivier Gillotin, Pierre Neglin and Carlos Benaim while all the bottle designs are very fantastic which are blue in color.


6.Caron ($3500)

Caron is another famous brand which provides the expensive perfumes worldwide but that are not easily available in all regions because only at some specific shops it can be purchased. Ernest is a French fashion designer who manufactured this fantastic perfume, he was working with Caron when he released the perfume to market in 1904 and now ranked as one of the best in world. More than other 54 perfumes of different scents were released by the brand in 1911 and these are all come in a very stylish design which attracts the people.


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5.Clive Christian fragrances ($3700)

Clive Christian fragrance is considered as one the most popular perfume brands in the world and it was released to market in 1999 which later become the legendary icon in entire Britain History. This has become the inspiration for many other brands that are going to introduce their products in market and this brand has recognized as one of the most expensive brand in world. There are many perfumes in market but this one is special which have a unique smell and that can be recognized from a long distance. The perfume came in a very unique design bottle and the cost of that bottle is very high.


4.Annick Goutal ($3900)

Annick Goutal is not just a brand as it has become another name of fashion of modern world because its products are not limitize to a just one region and the whole world is fan of this Goutal brand. There are millions of the people in different regions who are using the perfumes of this brand and they are fully satisfied with their purchase because of its fantastic fragrance which is very sweet. The descent smell is not like other perfumes fragrance but it has some special kind of taste which is unique in itself and it came in different scents.


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3.Jar ($4000)

The Jar perfume collection is considered as very complex brand of perfumes which are preferred on other by the users because its fragrance is not common like others. The expensive brand has sold many scents of perfumes in the market which have increased the demand of the people in all over the world. Perfumes have released in market in different scents in slightly round bottles which have a great look and most of them come in gold colors which attract the women. To spend the money on a good thing is very difficult judge and this one is good to keep you satisfy with your purchase.


2.Baccarat ($4000)

The France is a country which is popular in all over the world because of its fashion accessories and Baccarat is a company in country that is recognized as best manufacturer of perfumes in region. The perfumes of this brand is loved by everyone in the world because of its long staying as well as nice sweet smell and it is one of the most expensive perfume brands on this earth. History of this brand is hidden behind its 250th birthday when the best fragrance perfume was launched and till now it has launched different kinds of scents while the cost of perfume is more than 4000 dollars.


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1.Shalini ($4900)

Shalini is considered as most famous brand in the world as it has millions of users in all over the region which have completely faith on this brand because of its high quality which makes it number one. Intensity, transparency, luminous and high density features are the reasons behind its high cost while it is not just most expensive as it provides the best sweet fragrance to its users which is not present in any other perfume. The floral composition perfume is especially made for the women and its design as well as smell is very attractive.


Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands In The World 2018
Rank Expensive Perfume Brands Price
1 Shalini $4900
2 Baccarat $4000
3 Jar $4000
4 Annick Goutal $3900
5 Clive Christian fragrances $3700
6 Caronl $3500
7 Ralph Lauren Perfumes $3500
8 Chanel $1700
9 Joy $1600
10 Hermes Brand $1500

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