Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

Trump Warns Syrian President Bashar Of Punitive For A Suspected Chemical Attack

On Sunday, United States President Donald Trump has warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as well as his two biggest allies could pay a large amount for a suspected chemical-weapons assault that left a number of civilians, while possibility is increasing that America may have launched a retaliatory armed attack against Syrian regime.


Trump has also called Syrian president an “animal” in a series of tweets, while condemned strictly Iran’s cooperation with Mr. Assad regime and also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s role in recent circumstances in Syria and competing United States showing influence in Middle East.

Mr. Trump took his Twitter to express his rage over mindless chemical attack in Syria that killed a number of civilians as well as children and women, added saying that Iran and Moscow are behind Animal Assad and they have to par big price.

A graphic video was uploaded on internet that shows lifeless women and children releasing foam bubbling from their noses and mouths.

Indicates that a deadly nerve agent is behind the incident, although senior leaders from many countries have reacted with feelings of revulsion.

On other hand, United States intelligence analysts along with their allies from globe have started to investigate the videotapes and sifting through witness reports and other proofs to identify who did this deadliest chemical assault caused so many causalities.

The United Nations Security Council has decided to hold an emergency conference on Syria, while France and England both have condemned the assault as an unethical offense.

Syrian pro-government television station explained late hours on Sunday that a cruise-missile strike targeted one of its bases in Homs, while Syrian media reported that the army fired eight missiles that also attacked a number of soldiers that got through their air defenses.

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