Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2018

Un Makes A Plea For About $1 Billion To Aid Rohingya Refugees

United Nations aid agencies are urging for over $950 million to deliver life-saving humanitarian help for 1.3 million Rohingya refugees this year and the Bangladeshi communities hosting them in Cox’s Bazar.


About 1 million Rohingya refugees are reportedly living in overcrowded and second-rate colonies in Cox’s Bazar. However, over 670,000 of them have left the location and moved Bangladesh as of August to escape aggression harassment in Myanmar.

The immigrants are observed to be on peak point of in excess of 200,000 Rohingyas who landed during previous influxes.

Nonetheless, these and 330,000 helpless Bangladeshis are waiting for quick help consists of clean water, health care, life-saving food shelter and other most-wanted goods.

It is also said to be in latest United Nation reports that over 150,000 refugees, in excess of half of them children, will have faced risk of possible floods, landslides from about to happen monsoon rains and tropical storms.

Filippo Grandi who is UN High Commissioner for Refugees told media that preparations are in working to alleviate what kind of destruction may be in order to expected bad weather in coming days. United Nation’s agencies are pre-positioning life-saving goods to eat and other relief articles including supporting fragile shelters.

Suddenly but quickly Rohingya mass departure at largest scale from Myanmar caused by a crisis of huge amount, although the majority of recently landed refugees are stuffed into the Kutupalong location which is believed to be the largest and most densely populated refugee communes in the world.

The arrival of a large number of refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh, have been indicating possible disaster risks that can be worsen, said the Director General of the International Organization for Migration, William Swing, in his latest addressing to media reporters.

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