Published On: Sat, Aug 19th, 2017

UN Says Sierra Leone Has Lost Above 400 People In Mudslides While Over 600 Missing

At least 400 bodies have been recovered from the destructive area, according to UN reports over 600 people are missing till now while rescue missions are on its ways, they are recovering more people from mudslide affected area and threat of further disaster exist now.



West African nation shuttered with a destructive mudslide incident on Monday in Sierra Leone’s capital FREETOWN, it is reported that whole town under the attack of this disaster.

As till now 409 people have dead while there a huge number of persons who are still missed because they are struck under the mudslide garbage and security forces are trying to recover them.

The mudslides came in Sierra Leone which is a West African country, the capital of the country Freetown has lost many lives as it is a port city, this city is known as most famous in the country.

On Monday there was a massive mudslide in town which is the cause of destruction of area and country is facing loss of millions due to damage of assets.

Many countries are sending the help for the effected people, according to UN report over 400 have died while the missing people are to be buried under the garbage of mudslides.

The rescue teams are working to find out them and maximum of them have lost their homes as well as all assets.

This mudslide incident which came on Monday is proved as for country worst disaster in recent years, government advised to residents to keep away from the town.

The officials said that people must choose the area on mountainside because rains are not going to finished yet and according to reports that there are threats of further mudslides due to heavy rain.

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