Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

US Crew Of Naval Ship That Was Seized By Pyongyang, Sues North Korea

USS Pueblo survivors are suing North Korea on seizing the spy ship after 50 years through the federal court when American ship was seized by Pyongyang at Korean Peninsula and crew of ship was held hostage and tortured for eleven months.


It is reported that at least 100 crew member who were held hostage and tortured for near to a year, have filed a case against North Korea under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

The spy ship was seized before about fifty years by Pyongyang at Korean Peninsula which is kept now to show propaganda exhibit.

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act is a law which permits the people to sue that state of terrorism sponsor for hostage-taking, hostage taking.

Personal injury or death while more than 100 crew members with families filed the case against North Korea in federal court after about 50 years.

May be plaintiffs directly able to get recover funds from North Korea unlikely but it may be possible that United States government support them.

Giving some fund reliefs to the victims of crew members and in November North Korea was called as a state sponsor of terrorism by US president Donald Trump.

In recent days, US president Trump met with the North Korean defectors just to raise the Human rights violation issue against them.

American is trying to impose pressures on Kim Jong UN before the Winter Olympics Games and now the crew members filed a case against Pyongyang through federal court.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers released a statement during filing case that crew members of USS Pueblo are facing all that negative impacts that were committed by North Korea before 50 years ago when they seized the navy spy ship in Pyongyang in 1968.

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