Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

US Has No Bloody Nose Plane To Attack On North Korea, US Official Say

US senator of Trump’s administration said on Thursday that United States has no plan for a limited strike on North Korea while America would be forced to do it and she rejected the news about US strike over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons.


Susan Thornton, the Trump’s nominee for the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affair on Thursday spoke that United States has no plan for attack on Pyongyang.

Due to their nuclear weapons development while she confirmed about the US plans or strategy for North Korea at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.Since last year the clashes between North Korea and United States have increased due to Pyongyang’s nuclear development.

US has tried to increase the Pressure just to sow down the development but they are increasing the war threats in region and this is the reason that in recent months many sanctions on North Korea have been imposed.

North Korea has put in black list by Trump’s administration while US president Donald Trump met with the Korean defectors in last month just to raise the human rights issue against Pyongyang.

Through this they wanted to impose pressure on Kim Jong UN as to slow down the development.US senator responded a question that was raised by the United States official Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire about the Wednesday briefing.

White House has no plan to strike on North Korea in terms of their nuclear weapons and she rejected about the limited military strategy to attack on Pyongyang.

It was said that a strategy was in consideration of Trump’s administration to make a strike on nuclear targets in North Korea but now it is said by senator that US has no bloody noise plane.

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