Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

US Talks With North Korea: Rex Tillerson Walks Back On His Preconditions Comments

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke to United Nations Security Council on Friday after creating confusions related to talks with North Korea that United States will not start the talks because of aggressive behavior of Kim Jong.


Before talks with North Korea, denuclearization process must be started by Kim Jong, due to threats of Pyongyang United States cannot started the peace talks with them.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday in UN security council and he turned back from  his preconditions statement because of confusion with other US officials.

In recent days, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that United States is ready for face to face talks with North Korea without any preconditions.

While for any negotiations Pyongyang should give up the nuclear program as it is necessary and now he walked back from his statement on Friday during his speak at UN security council.

After his suggestions to start the talks with North Korea for peace process without any preconditions, he was criticized by many officials as White House and State department said that United States is not ready for direct talks with Pyongyang until they achieve the denuclearization as this statement created the confusions.

The tensions in the region have gone rise after the latest North Korea intercontinental  ballistic nuclear missile test as experts said that the whole US mainland put on target.

The advanced ICBM missiles are more powerful than ever and this is the reason that America is canceling their views not to start the talks with Korea.

During his speak in United Nations Security Council on Friday, he told that North Korea must fulfilled the preconditions before any start of negotiations and denuclearization should be achieved in order to start talks  with US.

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