Published On: Fri, Mar 30th, 2018

Venezuela’s Attorney General Confirms 68 Deaths In Jail Fire

Tarek William Saab, Attorney General for Venezuela has confirmed on 28 March, about 68 people have been died in fire in the custody facility of Carabobo state police in Valencia, located in the mid of the nation, where an uprising allegedly broke out nearly dawn time.


Saab took his Twitter account to say that The Public Prosecutor’s Office notifies the public that a sudden fire wrapped 68 people those are reportedly discovered dead.

Four prosecutors have been appointed to find out the reasons behind the terrible event occurred at the General Command of Carabobo.

The Attorney General for Venezuela also said in another post published on his Twitter account, initial investigations have shown that 66 men were among the dead and two were females, who were during the night visitors to the jail.

It is also explained by the prosecutor in his statement that the authorities have been handed over bodies to their relatives.

However, the complete probe to learn what happened as fire wrapped 68 persons in the detention of Carabobo state police in Valencia, also considers painful incident that caused dozens of Venezuelan families into mourning.

On other side, the relatives of dead prisoners told media reporters that the deaths in the jail because of fire came out in the result of burn injuries and asphyxia.

A 19-year-old prisoner, Yorman Salazar, whose mother Lissette Mendoza, told reporters that the jail authorities refused to tell anything about the incident, even she asked them to not treat them like dogs   that they don’t sprayed gas at them, although they kill them as if they were animals.

A number of onlookers told media that the fire started around 4:00 am (0800 GMT) on Wednesday, while all relatives of dead prisoners gathered at front of the police headquarters by demanding to get complete information about the uprising that led nearly 20 personnel of the Carabobo Police to start on tear gas into the compound.

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