Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018

Waters run red at Faroe Island with blood of slaughtered Dolphins

Horrifying footage has been on the internet as the seas around the Froe Island tuned red with the blood of Dolphin slaughter. The video portrays these intelligent mammals squirming for their lives as the seas become red with their blood due to horrific slaughter.

Waters run red at Faroe Island with blood of slaughtered Dolphins

Pictures have not been published because they are too gruesome to watch and portray heaps of dead dolphins long the shorelines with gaping deathly wounds on their back side of heads.

This horrific slaughter is actually part of an ancient ritual which dates back to 16th century and is known as Grindadrap. During this ritual, fishermen draw the dolphins to shallow waters near shoreline. Their fishermen plunge their metal hooks in their blow holes in effort to break their spines.

Just a few weeks ago, a same deathly ritual led to the laughter of 180 whales on this very island.

Waters run red at Faroe Island with blood of slaughtered Dolphins

The video was captured by the members of Sea Society; a conservation society, in making of their campaign videos for Operation Bloody Fjords. The video was taken at Halvik village where 190 Atlantic While Sided Dolphins were recently slaughtered in the recent hunt that is being continuously held in the past for 11 years.

According to society’s report, these villagers of Faroe Island have killed nearly 62000 dolphins and whales.

PETA released a statement narrating this horrific dolphin slaughter, “The animals bled slowly to death. Whole dolphin families were slaughtered and some whales that slimed around were also killed. These are intelligent creatures and they feel pain just like us humans”.


A government official from Danish protectorate has ended the action by saying that this is only the natural part of the life at Faroe Island. According to Danish government it is the right of Faroese people to make use of the island’s natural resources.


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