Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2018

What are the Vaping Rules in the UK? Is it legit?

If you make some research, you will see that vaping is getting famous among people with the passage of time and people have now started shifting from cigarettes to vapes. Now, this basically raises a question that is vaping better than smoking and does it really help?


Well, if you search for an answer to this question then there are chances that you will probably end up getting confused. Because the internet is divided into two types of people, those who consider vaping to be a sin and are extremely against it and then there are people who actually found vaping to be helpful in quitting smoking.

Now, honestly, if you want a sincere suggestion then know that yes, vaping is helpful especially for those who are struggling hard to quit cigarettes. This is a tried and tested fact and honestly, people didn’t find nicotine patches and nicotine gums to be useful but they did find it easy to quit cigarettes once they started vaping.

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Rules For Vaping In UK

If you are a UK citizen and if it’s your first time that you are laying hands on vaping devices then you’d definitely be worried about the rules and regulations. And well, here’s everything you need to know about vaping in the UK.

Vaping Banned In UK?

There was quite a lot of talk about vaping being banned in some areas of UK and a lot of bills were presented in this case but all of these bills were canceled and hence right now the government hasn’t declared any places that are supposed to be kept smoke-free. It’s like there are no strict rules about vaping in the UK and you are pretty free to do that. But, yes, it actually is in the hands of the one who owns the property, if someone doesn’t allow you to vape on his property then you are supposed to stop right away or else legal actions will be taken against you if the person informs the police.

Product Restrictions In Regards To Vaping

The EUTPD has imposed a few restrictions on the size and the strength of e-liquids that can be carried. Your e-liquid tank must be no more than 10 ml in regards to the capacity and the clearomisers and cartridges cannot have a capacity of more than 2 ml. Also, the strength of nicotine allowed in your e-liquid is just 20% that has been lowered from 24%.

As far as the manufacturers are concerned, every manufacturer has to take approval for his products from the government and then he or she will be allowed to sell his products to the public. It takes somewhat around  6 months to get the approval after you have submitted the products to the government.

These are a few rules for vaping in the UK and as you can see, there’s nothing very strict mentioned about vaping in these rules and terms so yes, you can be carefree the next time you carry a vaping device with yourself in the public. Also, for the safe side, we’d recommend you not to smoke in the areas where you see kids around you as it’s not safe for them to see or to even exhale the smoke whether it’s a vaping device or a cigarette.

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