Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2019

What You Should Know About How Hair Grows If You Are Having Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Hair grows in a particular cycle that consists of four phases which occur in sequence. The anagen phase is when hair is actively growing and many cells at the base of the hair in the bulb are dividing quickly to produce new hair. Most of your hair (about 90% or so) is in the anagen phase of the cycle.

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This phase can last quite a long time, anywhere from two years to seven years, and this determines how long your hair grows. How long your phase lasts for may depend on your genes but your age and how healthy you are, also plays a role in how well your hair follicles grow.

The next phase is a transition stage known as the catagen phase. This is a short-lived phase of the hair cycle during which the growth of the hair stops. The hair follicle then detaches from the blood supply and. At this stage the hair is called a club hair.

The resting or telogen phase occurs next after the catagen phase. This is when new growth begins and in fact, a hair starts to develop and grow underneath the club hair.

Over time the club hair will be completely replaced by this new hair follicle. This stage lasts approximately 90 days and about 15% of a person’s hairs are usually in this phase.

The stage of the hair cycle when hair is shed is called the exogen stage. This is the time when the club hair falls out and is shed. In fact, what many people may not realize is that this is a normal occurrence and most people can lose up to 100 hairs a day.

This is not a problem unless you start to notice that you are losing a lot more hairs, like when large clumps of hair fall out when you are brushing your hair, or if you are noticing bald patches.After this stage the cycle repeats and the new hairs enter the anagen phase.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Understanding how hair grows and that it takes time is helpful if you are at the stage of considering a hair transplant procedure.

You can consult with experts at hair clinics in Turkey, such as the Vera Clinic, to give you a better understanding of what to expect and what options are available if you are experiencing a lot of hair loss.

After getting hair transplanted, it does take time for the hair to grow back nice and strong. This anagen phase, which was mentioned earlier, varies in terms of how long it takes for hair to grow, and one of the factors influencing this is the state of health you are in.

This emphasizes how important it is to keep yourself healthy, not only for when you have the hair transplant done, but also for several months afterward.

Bad habits such as smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy junk food may limit how fast and how well your hair grows back. The hair specialists you consult with can advise you on the best strategy to take to ensure the best outcome.

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