Published On: Wed, Jul 17th, 2019

Why There Are Lots Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States

Have you ever ask yourself the question, Why are lots of illegal immigrants in the USA? Well, a lot of people might have different answers to this, depending on what they feel about the whole situation. But from researches, it has been shown that people from underdeveloped and developing countries see America as a land of opportunities, they believe they will be provided with lots of opportunities that they have been deprived of back in their various countries.

Thus they tend to find every means possible for them to evacuate their home country without considering penalties. In most cases, they go against the law and believing that they will never return to their home countries if they get the chance to move to America. 

Note; no matter how ready or desperate you are planning to immigrate into the United States, always go through the right channel,i.e. never go against the law because it may come after you in future.

Reasons why a lot of individuals decide to be illegal immigrants

You may be thinking about how the hell will someone will want to move to another country with the mindset of becoming an illegal immigrant in a foreign land. Well, it is possible because some people are willing to come to the united states at all cost. They don’t think about what is attached to the decision since they are desperate to leave their home countries. Below are a few reasons why a lot tend to become illegal immigrants in foreign lands that include the United States:

Poor orientation – most people just want to act on what people that do not know how life is in the USA have been feeding them with. They do not want to do their research; this is common in the life that we live today. Funny enough, these people will feed them with fake or imaginary news. A lot of people fall for this and act silly. These set of individuals believe that America is heaven; some even believe you don’t have to work before you become rich in America. All these are lies that have put a lot of people into trouble. America is a country that was built with strong hard work and Americans do not encourage laziness. 

Peer group – peer group has affected a lot of people in some many ways, and this applies to illegal immigration because some individuals have moved in the wrong part following a friend’s advice. These sets of individuals tend to break the law by moving into the USA illegally. Mexicans have been doing this before Trump’s administration but have been finding it hard to do in Trump’s administration. This can be considered to be a great development in the area of security and immigration.

Economic crisis – a lot of countries are facing an economic crisis that seems to be a very bad situation where the citizens suffer. No one enjoys being poor; thus, some of the citizens find better options. These better options could be crime, prostitution, why some will prefer to move to another country for greener pastures. Immigrating to other countries, especially the United States, requires money. Come to think of it, why would I want to leave my country if I have enough money that will make me leave the country and settle in another country? Then the majority of these illegal immigrants are the poor individuals from their home country. They try to figure out the best country that his immigrant friendly; wow!  The country is America.

The question, “When do I need US visa? is for every individual who is planning to travel to the United States. You may not necessarily need to get a visa if your country is one of the visa waiver program countries, but if not, you will need a US visa to get access into the USA. Check ESTA status to be sure if you will need a visa or an ESTA.

People believe that America is a country of immigrants – this is particularly true because America was built with the help of immigrants. This beliefgives a lot of immigrants, especially the illegal immigrants the go ahead. Note, America is a land of immigrants and not illegal immigrants.  America has made life easy for immigrants, both documented and undocumented ones over the years until Donald Trump came into power. He is a man of his words that do not want to give room for illegal immigration. This can be seen from his various policies.

The United States of America is a beautiful place to immigrate to, but before doing that, it is very important that one follows the rules guiding it. Once one follows the rules, one will enjoy the benefits of living in America because there are lots of benefits in the country.

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