Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live: AJ Style In A Mixed Match With Sami And Kevin Owens

As the days are going, Wrestlemania is about to coming close this Sunday, after 25 years RAW anniversary, WWE SmackDown provided a best show to fans but worst for AJ styles as he fought with Sami Zyan and Kevin in back to back match.


AJ Styles is a SmackDown champion which accepted the fight challenge for the battle with Kevin Owens and Sami Zyan back-to-back.

But after winning from Owen he fought with Sami where after hard struggling he lost the fight and Sami with friend Kevin marked their foot on the champion.

Kevin Owen and Sami Zyan are making their way to get the championship back to home in main event on Wrestlemania on Sunday.

AJ was on fire on Royal Rumble championship match opponents Sami and Kevin who are big rivals of the champion and he felt the pain after beating by Sami in the ring on SmackDown event.

A match was held between Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin before the Royal Rumble while during their fight, Randy Orton the former WWE champion interfere in fight and gave an RKO firstly to Nakamura while then to Corbin.

This is his warn that Orton can give an RKO to any his opponent in the ring. The match was ended because of his interference and without any result referee rang the bell.

The show got about 2.580 million viewers after big RAW event on Monday, there was a surprise for the WWE fans as the management announced the fight of champion AJ styles with his two friend opponents Kevin Owen and Sami Zyan.

After winning first match against Owen and on second fight he faced the lose o Tuesday night which hurt the champion before Royal Rumble.

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